About Shane

Shane Hernandez i01_small.jpgs a conservative Republican who believes in limited government, fiscal responsibility, and individual liberties, which begin at conception with the right to life.  His political background is that of an activist, helping him fully understand the frustrations of voters who work to get politicians elected only to be disappointed when they compromise their principles and give into the pressures in Lansing.  He was first elected in November of 2016 and his first term has proven him to be an independent thinker willing to take on the special interests and a tireless worker when it comes to studying the budget and identifying wasteful spending.

He grew up in Croswell, MI, and now lives in Port Huron with his wife Renee and two Children, Kelsey (6) and Kara (3).  He is a lifelong resident of the 83rd District.  He attended Croswell-Lexington High School and Lawrence Technological University (Southfield, MI).

The Hernandez family is an active part of Port Huron First United Methodist Church where Renee works in the nursery and serves as Secretary of the Evangelism Committee.  Shane is an active member of the Methodist Men's Group and is the Treasurer of the Blue Water District United Methodist Men.

He credits his family upbringing for his conservative principles.  His father, Salvador Hernandez Jr., worked his way up from general laborer to boiler operator at the Croswell pickle factory.  He saw, first hand, how hard work and determination can lead anyone to success.  While often struggling to get by, both his father and his mother, Sara, never hesitated to take time out of their busy schedules to teach the importance of focusing on God and family.

“There were no expectations in our household other than an equal opportunity to succeed.  What you did with that opportunity was up to you.”

HHH_1.jpgToday, Shane and his wife strictly adhere to Dave Ramsey's financial principles of fiscal and personal responsibility.  The ultimate goal of the Ramsey plan, which the Hernandez family fully embraces, is to play a vital role in their community by giving to others.

Shane works as the Vice President of design at a small architectural firm in Port Huron, MI.  During his free time, he likes to travel, DSCN1043.JPGhike, spend time with his family, and is a season ticket holder for the Detroit Lions.





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