Former Candidates Endorse Shane Hernandez for State Rep

eick.jpgtubbs.jpg83rd District State Representative Republican candidate Shane Hernandez is pleased to announce endorsements from Bob Eick and Eric Tubbs.

Eick is Chairman of the St. Clair County Republican Party, a Financial Associate with Thrivent Financial, and a retired City of Port Huron Fire Chief. Eick is a resident of Fort Gratiot.  He was the runner up in the 83rd District House race in 2012, coming within 135 votes of unseating the incumbent State Representative, Paul Muxlow.

Eick stated, “I first met Shane four years ago, and the more I’ve learned about his life, the more I am impressed. He is very knowledgeable on a wide array of issues effecting each of us. He strongly believes in faith, family, liberty, freedom and limited government. Shane has a track record of actually fighting for and supporting the issues effecting each of us. He represents our conservative values and principles. He is pro-life, pro 2nd Amendment and believes government is best when restrained by spending less. He is much needed in our Michigan House of Representatives as our representative in the 83rd district.”

Eric Tubbs is part owner of Tubb’s Brothers car dealership in Sandusky, and a Sandusky resident.  Tubbs came in close second in a 7 way race for the 83rd District House seat in 2010, coming within 500 votes of winning the race.

Tubbs stated, “Shane has the two characteristic that are most important to me from my Representative; principle and integrity. Because I know what his principles are, I know how he will vote on any given issue. He will do what he believes is best for all citizens of the district and won’t be swayed by special interest groups. That’s why I am endorsing Shane Hernandez for 83rd District State Representative.”

“I am proud to announce the support of Bob Eick and Eric Tubbs.  Both ran great campaigns and came within a few hundred votes of winning the Republican nomination.  I look forward to working with both of them on my campaign,” said Hernandez.

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